Schools in Remote Areas
Anti-bullying program for schools in remote communities

For schools who cannot afford an assembly because of their geographic location needs your sponsorship.
With your sponsorship we'll send to a remote school of your choice this program consisting of:

Anti bullying surveys (student, teacher, parents)
Reporting bullying system (online system)
Tracking system (school can track bullying, bad behavior and good character)
Character Education Exercises
Mentoring Program (At risk students)
Parenting information Website (about bullying)
Class anti bullying program (grades 6 and up)
This Anti bullying program would be for five years. Reg cost is 5000 dollars but if your company sponsors the program we'll offer this five year program for only $995.00. Of course the schools will be notified of your companies sponsorship plus we'll contact the local newspaper in your area.

Please contact us for further information or concerns. 1 866 333 4553
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