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Facts About Bullying
Facts about Bullying

It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school everyday due to the fear of bullying by other students (National Education Assoc.)

Bullying is a symptom of bad behavior; there is a correlation of bad behavior to incidents of murder, suicides and vandalism. This bad behavior can happen anywhere, schools, home, workplace, shopping malls etc. It is not until the victim has been seriously affected that people in authority finally find out; by this time it has already affected the victim and all students who watch this bad behavior.

Incidents of bad behaviors may lead to minor or more serious situations. Bullying has proven to be directly or indirectly responsible for vandalism, suicide and violence. We believe the bystander plays a major role in the reduction of bullying.

We are obligated to do our part to create a safe environment for children, especially at school. Therefore encouraging students to report the bullying will reduce bullying and other effects of bad behavior in their school and in their community.

For your review partial sections from the following Government websites show the overwhelming data & statistics on the number of students that are bullied or have been bullied.

• The Center for Addiction & Mental Health - statistics on bullying in Ontario schools, “Among all students in grades 9 to 12 30.9% report being bullied at school since Sept. This represents about 311,000 students in Ontario.” Reference taken from attached PDF page 85 (p59 of actual report) and visit http://www.camh.net/ for more details.

• The Public Safety of Canada provides statistics on bullying Canada wide. “Elementary school: In a survey of students aged 4 to 14 years in 16 Toronto Schools (K-Gr8), 15% of students reported having bullied others more than once or twice during the term.” “20% of children reported being victimized more that once or twice during a term.” Reference taken from attached PDF ‘Bullying Prevention in Schools’ section 1.3 Canadian Data and visit http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/res/cp/res/bully-eng.aspx for more details.

• The Canadian Council of Learning offers a report on ‘Bullying in Canada 2007 survey of Canadian attitudes’. “Canada has the 9th highest rate of bullying among 13 year olds.” Reference taken from attached PDF, more details visit http://www.ccl-cca.ca/CCL/Reports/LessonsInLearning/LinL20080320BullyingConcernCanadians.htm

• The National Center for Education Statistics U.S. Government provides statistics on bullying in US schools. “In 2005, about 28 percent of 12 to 18 year old students reported having been bullied at school during the last 6months…53% had been bullied once or twice during that period, 25% had experienced bullying once or twice a month, 11% reported once or twice a week, 8% reported being bullied daily.” Reference taken from attached PDF page 60 (p34 of actual report) Visit http://nces.ed.gov/